We Simply Have The Best Staff!

On Sunday 25th February 2024 see our largest deployment to date for the Brighton Half Marathon. We could not be any prouder of our staff and just how well they performed in bitter cold conditions.

With a very, very early start and bitter cold winds the staff made their way to the 15 different meeting locations. Wrapped up and ready for their individual briefs from their sector supervisors, they then made their way to their positions and started their role for the day.

This was an event with many moving parts, of which all had to work in unison to make everything work and work it did! They were all amazing, with a few curve balls thrown at us on the day, we still emerged with heads held high and praise from others for our hard work and commitment!

Plan, plan, plan, plan and then twenty more times if not more! You can never plan for every eventuality, but fail to plan, then plan to fail!

We attended countless site visits, wrote dynamic risk assessments, contingency plans for shortfalls in staffing levels, acid attacks, CBRN attacks, terrorist attacks and mass demonstrations along with crowd management plans for the 35,000+ spectators expected to attend!

Our staff were simply amazing.


Thank You