Smoke is no joke …

Did you know … closing internal doors at home before you out or go to sleep will delay the spread of smoke and fire and keep exit routes clear. With this fact in mind, Kent Fire and Rescue Service have launched a campaign called ‘Smoke is no joke’, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of closing internal doors before going out or going to bed.

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When a fire starts …

Smoke and flames can spread rapidly, but a closed standard internal door can hold it back for between 10 and 30 minutes – giving you and your loved ones vital time to get out of the property swiftly and safely. 

By closing internal doors you’re also protecting your home and reducing the level of damage caused in the event of the fire.

Fires are most likely to start in the kitchen, so it’s extra important to check the kitchen door is shut when you go out or go to sleep.

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