Commercial & Retail Security

Shoppers account for the majority theft at 60% (£4.7bn), while employees working in distribution centres (DCs) and stores account for 40% (£3.2bn). The report claims that theft in DCs is a current hot spot for employee crime, with some 42.6% of total employee theft being from DCs.

Among a survey of 100 managers and directors responsible for loss prevention at large UK retailers, a net balance of a fifth (20.9%) has seen an increase in employee theft over the past year.

Fetch security will work closely with commercial and retail clients to support loss prevention and provide a safe environment for both their customers and employees.

Currently, shoplifting does not automatically lead to time in prison. If the goods are worth less than £200, the maximum sentence is six months in prison, but this type of offence is usually dealt with by issuing a postal fine!

Data from the Office for National Statistics revealed there were 402,482 shoplifting offences recorded by police in England and Wales in the 12 months up to September 2023, the first time the number has exceeded 400,000 since records began in 2002.

Can you physically stop a shoplifter UK?

Yes, a security guard in the UK can use physical force and they are within their rights to do so. Specific conditions need to be met to stay in accordance with the law which all SIA operatives are trained in.